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ABOUT US | Portfolio Manager 

The Portfolio Manager for the Taylor Frigon Core Growth Fund (the Fund) is Gerry Frigon.  In 2006, Gerry founded Taylor Frigon Capital Management, the advisor to the Fund, and is currently President and Chief Investment Officer of the firm.


Additionally, Mr. Frigon serves as Managing Member of Taylor Frigon Capital Advisors, General Partner to Taylor Frigon Capital Partners LP, a private investment fund which invests in private companies and small emerging public companies. He has three decades of experience in investment strategy, planning and portfolio management for private investors and institutions. During that time, he has managed portfolios with the same disciplined process directly descended from the classic growth philosophy developed by T. Rowe Price and Richard C. Taylor.   Gerry received his Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1985.

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